1973 Sth Lake Taupo/Tongariro quakes

In 1973 there were no earthquakes recorded in the Rotoaira/Rotpounamu area covered by this category/search area. The map below shows the events larger than 3.0 ML magnitude for the year just outside Rotoaira/Rotopounamu, in a radius approx. 20km from the summit of Mt Tihia.
One interesting event was the 3.744ML on Nov. 21st, located between Red Crater and Blue Lake on Mt. Tongariro, at 119km deep.
In January 1973, Ngauruhoe ( which is south of here and is the largest and youngest of the Tongariro cones) discharged red-hot blocks of lava, and periodic activity continued throughout the year. In 1974 and 1975 there were explosive eruptions of ash, and blocks of lava were thrown as far as 3 km away. During the last violent eruption, gases streamed from the crater for several hours, producing a churning plume of ash that towered up to 13 km above the crater. This column then collapsed and formed ash and scoria avalanches that swept down the sides of Ngauruhoe, leaving trails of rubble in their wake.

 minor to light quakes south lake taupo/ tongariro area 1973

1554833, -38.87, 175.8, 1973/03/07 22:26:32.5, 167, 3.95
1554836, -39.11, 175.57, 1973/03/09 04:42:44.6, 125, 3.809
1555319, -38.97, 176.01, 1973/10/26 15:34:24.3, 115, 3.9
1555334, -39.13, 175.66, 1973/11/01 02:27:03.8, 119, 3.744
1555363, -38.91, 175.96, 1973/11/21 08:37:21.7, 121, 4.142

data by geonet. map by google maps. plots by highace using GPS Visualizer

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